07-08 E1b

  1. Abel http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/abel
  2. Arash http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/arash
  3. Audrick http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/audrick
  4. Bahaudin http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/udin
  5. Fadumo http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/elmi
  6. Fatma http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/fatma
  7. Gessica http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/rado
  8. Hassan http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/hassan
  9. Jack http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/jack
  10. Jean http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/jean
  11. Milad http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/milad
  12. Mohammed http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/shaglouf
  13. Nada http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/mohamed
  14. Omed http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/omed

Comment on the Blogs

Salih http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/salih

Now moved to E2 City Campus – Vilius http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/bobo

Now moved to AMC Campus – Azhar http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/azhar

Now working

Ismail http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/mirzai2

Michael http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/michael

Gone back to China Liam http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/liam

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Comment on the Blogs


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