07-08 E2a

  1. AbdiKhader http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/abdikhader
  2. Abdirizak http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/ab12
  3. Ahmed Ali http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/ahmedali
  4. Fatime http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/fatime
  5. Fatma http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/fatmashelmani
  6. Haider http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/amin
  7. Hajer http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/hajerabead
  8. Henock http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/henockzeray
  9. Jawad http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/mohamadjawadjafari
  10. Khodadad http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/khab
  11. Lia http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/liakifle
  12. Mowlana http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/mowlanasharif
  13. Najwa http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/omarabdillahimohamed
  14. Parichat http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/parichathengsuwan
  15. Rahmat http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/rahmat
  16. Rizwan http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/rizwanmuhammad
  17. Samsuzzaman http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/zaman
  18. Tahir http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/tahirkhan
  19. Zahid http://moodle.ccm.ac.uk/blogs/zahidahmadzai

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